Sharp-Dressed Woman

I’ve been obsessed with blazers lately — cropped and snug, loose and slouchy, on an Olsen or otherwise. I pay regular visits to one particular jacket at BCBG, waiting for the sale price to dip into my price range, and daydream about cinching it with a rugged leather belt and throwing on some slim jeans, big sunnies and my gladiator heels.

And now I have a new look to add to this imaginary repertoire — I’m a dedicated follower of French street-style blog Garance Dore and she showcased this perfect blouse-sweater-blazer combo recently and I heart all of it.


If only spring lasted a bit longer and I could pull this off more than once before another sweaty D.C. summer …


Dreamy Friday

I’m going to start off this reincarnation of the old AC with, well, a snooze instead of a bang. Check out this gorgeous bedroom — how Domino does this look? (Side note: Still grieving over the end of such an excellent mag.)

What Dreams Are Made Of

What Dreams Are Made Of

And now for the big reveal: It’s  H&M’s new home collection. (Well, the bedding is, at least.) I love the neutral palette, the high headboard, the wrought-iron bed frame. Granted, the peeling paint would eventually drive me batty, but wouldn’t you just love to curl up here and nap the day away? Also, anyone know where to find a giant clock? I suddenly need one …

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